AidFlows visualizes how much development aid is provided and received around the world. Users can select individual donors (providing the aid) and beneficiaries (receiving the aid) to track the sources and uses of aid funding.

AidFlows is the result of a partnership between the OECD, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank. They came together to raise the transparency of aid, making global data on development assistance more easily accessible. AidFlows will be of interest to constituencies in both financier/donor and beneficiary countries, helping to further inform the global dialogue about development aid.

Why Aidflows?

We are soon going to reach the year 2015, the target year for the Millennium Development Goals. World leaders have set out ambitious objectives to increase the flow of development assistance, reduce world poverty, and improve the quality of life for billions of citizens.

How much development financing is actually being provided by the financier/donor countries? How much aid is arriving in beneficiary nations? And how is the developing world progressing against agreed development indicators and benchmarks? Decision makers, opinion leaders and the public are searching for answers to these questions and are turning to multilateral development organizations for help.While there is a large amount of statistical information on aid expenditures already available in the public realm, it is often time-consuming to assemble data from consistent sources. It is also challenging to convert this information into concise, user-friendly formats that can inform and support policy decisions. This is why the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee and the World Bank have teamed up, joined by the Asian Development Bank subsequently, to offer to the public an easy and intuitive access to core data on development aid, at a global level.

User feedback will be important as we continue to improve AidFlows. We invite users to share comments and suggestions by sending an email to aidflows@worldbank.org

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